Alvotech firewall

Az Alvotech-nél a VPS-hez jár tűzfal is, ami így néz ki, dokumentáció pedig semmi.

Találgatni nem nagyon volt kedvem, ezért inkább megkérdeztem a supportot, amelyik készséggel válaszolt is:

„Our firewall is similar to the IPTables features and so the interface should be familiar. Comparing the two, you'll encounter one difference: each rule is processed according to "first match", meaning that once a rule is found where conditions are met, no further rules are examined to override the first matching rule.

To filter incoming requests, please enter an IP address as the source, a network (e.g. or the entire Internet (the value 0 / 0 or / 0) and as the target your VPS IP. Your can refine your rule by specifying a protocol and / or a port.

Outgoing requests are filtered in the same way as incoming requests. In this case the source is your VPS IP and the target is a specific IP, a network or the entire web.

To sort the rules, you can assign rule numbers. Rules are evaluated in order of the rule number, for easy reordering. We recommend that your initial setup increment rule numbers by 10: 10, 20, 30, 40 and so on, so you can later easily add rules in the middle, for example adding a rule 11 to go between rule 10 and 20.

The options you can use to filter:

Protocol: tcp, udp, icmp
Port: numeric value (0 = all ports / wildcard)
all available actions: drop, reject and accept
Rule number: numerical value to the sort of rules (e.g.: 20)”